Nick Cave: "Why are we still having these conversations?"

In my work there is a moment that is transformative, a moment when everything shifts.

Yes, if I shift my work in one direction of the other, it's going to be read in one way or the other. I'm not interested in labels like "art" or "fashion." But, unfortunately, we live in a society in which we want things to be categorized so we can understand them better, so we know how to respond to them better. That's the main problem. It's like "art" or "craft." it's the same debate, the same conversation. Why are we still having these conversations? Why are there still these prejudices between disciplines, when in reality the lines are blurred?

What's the solution?
To create work that constantly challenges and renegotiates the conversation.

And to work in a way that is more collaborative and interdisciplinary?

from Nick Cave: Epitome