Gabriel Orozco Quotes

"Looking through the camera doesn't intensify experience. It just frames the object. It's much more intense without the camera. For me photography is like a shoebox. You put things in a box when you want to keep them, to think about them. Photography is more than a window for me; photography is more like a space that tries to capture situations. It's notational. I use the camera like drawing."

"A photograph might or might not become a work of art. In a way, it's irrelevant because I think photography is a necessity for documentation ... for memory. First it's a necessity. Then, some of these photographs might generate enough thinking and contemplation to be exposed for consideration. But I don't take photographs thinking that they are going to be art. I take photographs thinking that I need to keep the moment, because I need to look at it afterwards."

from Art: 21, Volume 2