Kirk Mangus / Son Thomas

Kirk Mangus

"The use of collected objects, fiber, paint, print clay, and plants adds to the primordial sense of wonder and satisfaction."

"I deal with the ego and the id. Why do I draw what I draw? If I rationalized it, I wouldn't have to do it."

from Things Love

James "Son Ford" Thomas

"My uncle used to play in clay; used to try to make something look like a mule because, at that time, black folks didn’t have nothing but mules. Like you see tractors in the fields, now—they didn’t have nothing but mules in the field. And that’s all he’d try to make was a mule. So I tried to make a mule, and just kept on trying to make the mule. Finally, I could make the mule. Then, after that, I started making different things, you know, like birds and rabbits squirrels … stuff like that. And from that what caused me to start making a skull, I made a skull to scare my grandfather with."

"That’s the most important part: feel it. Feel what you do. Some folks go … 'I got to see what I’m doing' … You ain’t got to see. If you know what you doing, that’s all you got to know."

from an interview in Bomb magazine